628 Emulsions and Foams I

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 8:30 AM
412 (Convention Center )
This session deals with the formation, processing, characterization and applications of emulsions and foams. Contributions will cover the latest experimental, theoretical, and computational work in these systems with a special focus on the interfacial aspects.

Interfacial Phenomena

Danilo C. Pozzo
Email: dpozzo@u.washington.edu

Sibani L. Biswal
Email: biswal@rice.edu

8:35 AM

8:55 AM
(628b) Unexpected Dynamics of Drop Coalescence
Santosh Appathurai, Michael T. Harris, Osman A. Basaran, Joseph Paulsen, Justin Burton and Sidney Nagel

9:15 AM
(628c) Wall Effects in Stokes Experiment with a Liquid Foam
Haijing Gao, Hariprasad J. Subramani, Michael T. Harris and Osman A. Basaran

9:35 AM

9:55 AM
(628e) Pickering Foams Stabilized by α-Zirconium Phosphate-Propylamine Nano-Sheets
Juan S. Guevara, Andres F. Mejia, Ya-Wen Chang, Min Shuai, M. Sam Mannan and Zhengdong Cheng

10:15 AM
(628f) Development an Evaluation of a Perfluorocarbon-Based Oxygen Carrier Mixed with HES 6% and Blood
Diana M. Vasquez Gutierrez, Camila I. Castro Paez, Oscar A. Alvarez Solano and Juan C. Briceņo Triana
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