774 Sustainable Electricity: Generation, Transmission, and Storage I

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 3:15 PM
336 (Convention Center )
This session will highlight challenges and solutions related to improving the sustainability of electricity. This session will consider generation techologies, such as wind and solar. Issues associated with energy transmission, storage, and distributed generation are also of interest.

Sustainable Energy
Alternative Energy and Fuel Cells (07F), Electronics and Photonics (08E), ICE 2012: Global Nuclear and Solar Energy for the 21st Century (T4B), ICE 2012: Biorefinery Technologies for Forest Based Lignocellulosic Biomass (T4A), Topical G: Innovations of Green Process Engineering for Sustainable Energy and Environment (TG), Topical B: 2nd Annual World Congress on Sustainable Engineering (TB)

Geoffrey A. Prentice
Email: gprentic@nsf.gov

Da Deng
Email: da.deng@wayne.edu

3:15 PM
(774a) Development of Proton Selective Membranes for Efficient and Economical Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
Justin Walls, Pedram Jahanian, Guangzhao Mao, Dr. Steven Salley and Dr.Simon Ng

3:35 PM
(774b) Microporous Separators On Fe/V Redox Flow Battery: A Valuable Opportunity for Cost Reduction
Xiaoliang Wei, Qingtao Luo, Bin Li, Zimin Nie, Yuyan Shao, Feng Chen, Baowei Chen, Guanguang Xia, Liyu Li, Zhenguo Yang and Wei Wang

3:55 PM
(774c) In Situ Investigation of Vanadium Ions Transport in Redox Flow Battery
Qingtao Luo, Liyu Li, Zimin Nie, Wei Wang, Xiaoliang Wei, Feng Chen, Bin Li, Guanguang Xia, Baowei Chen, Gary Yang and Sprenkle Vincent

4:15 PM
(774d) Electrolyte Optimization for Fe/V Redox Flow Battery System
Bin Li, Wei Wang, Zimin Nie, Vincent Sprenkle, Baowei Chen, Xiaoliang Wei, Qingtao Luo, Guanguang Xia, Liyu Li and Zhenguo Yang

4:55 PM
(774f) Fractional Degradation Cost for Cycling a Zinc/Bromine Flow Cell Battery
Alex Bistrika, Alexandre F.T. Yokochi, Michael Antonishen, James Davidson, Douglas Halamay, David Naviaux, Jiajia Song, Ted Brekken and Annette von Jouanne
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