14 Biomaterials I

Monday, October 29, 2012: 8:30 AM
Cambria West (Westin )
This first of two biomaterials session highlights presentations that represent a broad range of biomaterials design, synthesis and processing research in applications including tissue engineering, surgical science, and drug delivery.


Srivatsan Kidambi
Email: skidambi2@unl.edu

Mustafa Akbulut
Email: mustafa.akbulut@chemail.tamu.edu

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8:48 AM
(14b) Designer Collagen Hydrogels to Regulate Satellite Cell Phenotype
Veronica Rodriguez-Rivera, Richard L. Goodwin, Mary O. Morales, Nikkhoo Mohsen, Louis Terracio, John W. Weidner and Michael J. Yost

9:24 AM
(14d) Characterizing Protein Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes Dispersions and Rates of Cellular Uptake and Recovery
Brian D. Holt, Mary C. McCorry, Patrick D. Boyer, Kris Noel Dahl and Mohammad F. Islam

9:42 AM
(14e) Periosteum-Mimetic Polysaccharide-Based Coatings for Cortical Bone Allografts towards Orthopedic Tissue Engineering Applications
Jorge Almodovar, Justin Mower, Apurba Banerjee, Ajoy Sarkar, Nicole Ehrhart and Matt J. Kipper

10:18 AM
File available
10:36 AM
(14h) Design of a Biocompatible Electrically Conductive Composite for Neuroregeneration
Erfan Soliman, Sze C. Yang, George W. Dombi and Sujata K. Bhatia
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