16 Computing Systems and Technology (CAST) Division Plenary

Monday, October 29, 2012: 8:30 AM
323 (Convention Center )
This invited session will have contributions from several of the CAST areas. It will also include a presentation by the CAST Division Chair, providing an overview of on-going CAST activities.

Computing Systems and Technology Division

B. Wayne Bequette
Email: bequette@rpi.edu

Nick Sahinidis
Email: niksah@gmail.com

8:30 AM
(16a) Overview of CAST Activities and Programming
B. Wayne Bequette and Richard D. Braatz

9:00 AM
(16b) Process Synthesis, Design and Intensification. an Integrated Approach
Deenesh K. Babi, John Woodley, Rafiqul Gani, Jeffrey J. Siirola and Fabrício Rodrigues

10:00 AM
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