395 Poster Session on Fundamentals and Applications of Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 6:00 PM
Hall B (Convention Center )
This poster session will present the most recent advances in the fundamentals and applications of adsorption and ion exchange.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Mark M. Davis
Email: mark.davis@uop.com

Ravi Kumar
Email: ravi_kumar@praxair.com

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(39aj) DFT Study of Coverage-Depended Adsorption of NH3 On TiO2-B (100) Surface
Xiaohua Lu, Xiaojing Guo, Lu Cai, Weijia Liu, Yudan Zhu and Linghong Lu

(395ae) Heat Integrated Moving Bed Adsorption Process for Carbon Dioxide Capture
Yongho Son, Kiwoong Kim, Daewook Kim and Kwang Soon Lee

(395af) QM and QM/MM Study On the Interaction of CO2 with CPL2
Paul Meza, Maria Curet-Arana and Rafael A. Soler-Crespo

(395ak) Gas Adsorption Simulation in Porous Material Made up with Silsesquioxane Units and Metal Catalytic Sites
Nethika S. Suraweera, Michael E. Peretich, Joshua Abbott, James Humble, Austin Albert, Craig E. Barnes and David J. Keffer

(395al) On the Adsorption of Thiol Molecules On a Nickel Catalyst: A Theoretical Approach
Damilola A. Daramola, Brian L. Hassler and Gerardine G. Botte

(395an) Adsorption in Zeolites of Components Encountered in Hexose Dehydration
Marta Leon Garcia, T. Dallas Swift, Vladimiros Nikolakis and Dionisios G. Vlachos

(395b) Dynamic Breakthrough Studies of Scale Inhibitor Used in Petroleum Sea Production
Carolina B. Veloso, Alvaro N. A. Silva, F. Murilo Luna and Celio L. Cavalcante Jr.
File available
(395c) Batch and Column Biosorption of Cu (II) Onto Spent Coffee Ground: Equilibrium and Dynamic Modeling
N. E. Davila-Guzman, F. J. Cerino-Córdova, J.R. Rangel-Mendez and P.E. Diaz-Flores
File available
(395d) Adsorption of Organics On MSC5A in Supercritical CO2, Comparing Experiment and Molecular Simulation
Kazuyuki Chihara, Masashi Shinsako, Shingo Ito, Hideaki Nagashima and Mai Hikita

(395e) MOF Syntheses Scale up and Crystallization Process Development
Paul M. Schoenecker, Bogna Grabicka, Grace A. Belancik and Krista S. Walton
File available
(395g) Simulation Study of Multi-Component Gas Adsorption On MSC5A by Chromatographic Method
Kazuyuki Chihara, Masashi Nomoto, Yuki Teramura and Hidenori Nakamura
File available
(395h) Simulation Study of Multi-Component Gas Adsorption On MSC3A by Volumetric Technique Method
Kazuyuki Chihara, Masashi Nomoto, Yuki Teramura and Yosuke Kaneko

(395j) Molecular Simulation of the CO2 Deactivation Volume in Natural Gas Storage Vessels
Sebastiao M. P. Lucena, Daniel Gonçalves and Célio L. Cavalcante Jr.

(395k) Standing Wave Analysis for 4-Zone SMB with Thermal Gradients
Nicholas Soepriatna, Phillip C. Wankat and Nien-Hwa Linda Wang

(395n) Intracrystalline Diffusion of Linear Alkanes and Linear Alcohols in SAPO-34
Célio L. Cavalcante Jr., Julien Cousin saint Remi, Joeri Denayer and Gino Baron
File available
(395q) Adsorption of Organics On MSC5A in Supercritical CO2, Chromatographic Measurements & Stop & Go Simulation
Kazuyuki Chihara, Shingo Ito, Masashi Shinsako, Hideaki Nagashima and Mai Hikita

(395t) Layered-Bed PSA Process for H2 Recovery From Coal Gas
Ki-Yong Yoon, Dong-Kyu Moon, Philip Jeon and Chang-Ha Lee

(395y) Contracted Titanium Silicate (CTS-1): Aspects of Structure and CO2 Sorption
Ocean Cheung, Jing Li, Jie Su, Zoltan Bacsik, Xiaodong Zou and Niklas Hedin
File available
(395z) Adsorption Rate of Organic Solvent On Y Type Zeolite
Kazuyuki Chihara, Natsuki Yamada, Taira Tatsuharu, Yusuke Suzuki, Shinji Tomita and Kenta Saito
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