548 Diffusion, Transport and Dynamics in Adsorption Systems

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 3:15 PM
405 (Convention Center )
This session is focused on measuring or modeling of mass transport in adsorbents and adsorption systems. Improving understanding of mass transport will allow design of more efficient separations.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Peter A. Monson
Email: monson@ecs.umass.edu

Yu Wang
Email: yu.wang@exxonmobil.com

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

4:00 PM
(548d) Diffusion of CO2 in Ion-Exchanged Zeolites Rho Studied by the ZLC Technique
Enzo Mangano, Stefano Brandani, Magdalena M. Lozinska and Paul A. Wright

4:30 PM
(548f) Adsorption and Diffusion of Water-Acetonitrile Mixtures At a Bare Silica Surface: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Sergey M. Melnikov, Alexandra Hoeltzel, Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern and Ulrich Tallarek

4:45 PM
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