727 Adsorbent Materials-MOFs

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 3:15 PM
405 (Convention Center )
This session presents the most recent advances in Metal Organic Framework (MOFs) stuctures suitable for use as adsorbent materials.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Krista S. Walton
Email: krista.walton@chbe.gatech.edu

T. Grant Glover
Email: thomas.g.glover@saic.com

3:15 PM
(727a) Enhanced Stability of Metal-Organic Frameworks Via Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Gregory W. Peterson, Jared DeCoste, Colin Willis, Martin Smith and Corinne Stone

3:33 PM
(727b) Impact of Alkyl-Functionalized BTC On Properties of Copper-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks
Yang Cai, Yadong Zhang, Yougui Huang, Seth Marder and Krista S. Walton

3:51 PM
(727c) Polymorphism in Metal-Organic Frameworks: Effect of Functionalization
Ambarish R. Kulkarni, Yang Cai, Krista S. Walton and David S. Sholl

4:27 PM
(727e) Metal Organic Framework Adsorbents for Control of Toxic Industrial Chemicals
Catherine Thibaud-Erkey, Krista S. Walton, Joshua A. Sheffel and Paul M. Schoenecker

5:03 PM
(727g) High-Throughput Screening of MOFs for CO2 Separation
Sangil Han, Yougui Huang, Taku Watanabe, Ying Dai, Krista S. Walton, Sankar Nair, David S. Sholl and J. Carson Meredith

5:21 PM
(727h) Reverse Shape Selectivity in Liquid Phase Adsorption of Xylene Isomers in the Zirconium Terephthalate MOF Uio-66
Mariana Moreira, Alexandre Ferreira, Jo„o Carlos Santos, Josť Miguel Loureiro, Florence Ragon, Patricia Horcajada, Kyu.-E. Shim, Young Kyu Hwang, U.- Hwang Lee, Jong-San Chang, Christian Serre and Alirio E. Rodrigues
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