Monday, October 29, 2012: 8:30 AM
404 (Convention Center )
This session will concentrate on adsorptive separation processes. While preference will be given toward pressure (and/or vacuum) swing and temperature swing adsorption, other adsorption based separation processes such as concentration swing, electrical swing may also be presented. Experimental and/or numerical simulation results will be discussed. The processes may be for trace impurity removal, bulk separation and/or producing multiple products from the same stream. Hybrid processes, such as adsorption-distillation, adsorption-membrane may also be presented. Special encouragement will be given to hybrid systems where adsorption swing processes are used to drive equilibrium such as sorptive-distillation or sorptive-reaction. Industrial participation is encouraged.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Armin D. Ebner
Email: ebnera@engr.sc.edu

Roger D. Whitley
Email: whitlerd@airproducts.com

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8:30 AM
(49a) Mathematical Modeling of Rtsa Using Polymeric/Supported Amine Hollow Fibers-Single Fiber Model
Fateme Rezaei, Ryan P. Lively, David S. Sholl, Christopher W. Jones, William Koros, Yoshiaki Kawajiri and Matthew Realff

9:06 AM
(49c) Hot-Gas Pressure Swing Adsorption for Isopropanol Dehydration
Yujun Liu, Shawn D. Feist, Christopher M Jones, Nathan P Francis, Walter R Cooney Jr. and Daniel R Armstrong

9:42 AM

10:18 AM
(49g) A Pilot Plant Study of a VSA Process for CO2 Capture From Power Plant Flue Gas
Vemula Rama Rao, Shreenath Krishnamurthy, Sathish Kumar Guntuka, Arvind Rajendran, Mohammad Aman Ullah, Paul Sharratt, Iftekar A. Karimi and S. Farooq
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