396 Adsorption Applications for Sustainable Energy

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 8:30 AM
404 (Convention Center )
This session will focus on the adsorption technologies which have important applications for meeting our long-term energy demand while maintaining a clean environment.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange
ICE2012: Alternative Energy & Enabling Technologies (T4E)

Atanas Serbezov
Email: Atanas.Serbezov@Rose-Hulman.edu

CÚlio L. Cavalcante Jr
Email: celio@gpsa.ufc.br

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8:51 AM
(396b) High-Throughput Isotherm Measurements On Functionalized Cr-MIL-101 Structures for Biogas Purification
Angela Puls, Dirk Meister, Frieder Dreisbach, Jens Rother, Tobias M. Fieback, Stephan Bernt and Norbert Stock

9:27 AM

9:45 AM
(396e) Modeling Gas Adsorption-Induced Swelling of Coals
Pongtorn Chareonsuppanimit, Sayeed A. Mohammad, Robert L. Robinson Jr. and Khaled A. M. Gasem

10:03 AM
(396f) Testing of Amidoxime-Based Adsorbent for the Recovery of Uranium From Seawater
Jungseung Kim, Yatsandra Oyola, Richard Mayes, Christopher Janke, Sheng Dai and Costas Tsouris
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