109 Plenary Session on Fundamentals and Applications of Adsorption in Honor of Professor Gino Baron

Monday, October 29, 2012: 12:30 PM
405 (Convention Center )
This session is organized to honor the lasting contributions of Professor Baron to understanding and applications of adsorption

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Roger D. Whitley
Email: whitlerd@airproducts.com

Krista S. Walton
Email: krista.walton@chbe.gatech.edu

12:51 PM
(109b) Molecular Modeling of Nanoporous Materials for Gas Storage and Separations
Youn-Sang Bae, Christopher E. Wilmer, Ki Chul Kim and Randall Snurr

1:12 PM
(109c) Some Examples of Cation and Framework Influences On Selective N2 Adsorption
Charles G. Coe, Thomas Gaffney, John Kirner, Herbert Klotz, James MacDougall, Scott Weigel and Brian Toby

1:33 PM
(109d) Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Scanning Adsorption-Desorption Isotherms On Mesoporous Materials
Alexander V. Neimark, Richard T. Cimino, Matthias Thommes and Katie Cychosz

2:15 PM
(109f) Minimizing Axial Dispersion in Liquid Chromatography Using Microfabricated Pillar Array Columns
Gert Desmet, Jeff op De Beeck, J.G.E. (Han) Gardeniers and Wim de Malsche
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