329 Catalytic Processing of Fossil and Biorenewable Feedstocks: Fuels I

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 3:15 PM
315 (Convention Center )
This session focuses on catalyst and catalytic process development for producing fuels for transportation and stationary applications from biomass, petroleum, and coal.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division
ICE2012: BioFuels (T4F)

Jesse Bond
Email: jqbond@syr.edu

Fan Shi
Email: fan.shi@netl.doe.gov

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4:15 PM
(329d) Ru/TiO2 Based Catalysts As Applied to the Upgrading of Bio-Oils
Sunya Boonyasuwat, Taiwo Omotoso, Tu N. Pham, Daniel E. Resasco and Steven Crossley

4:35 PM
(329e) Improving the Stability of Pt/Al2O3 Catalysts for Biomass Conversion in Liquid Water
Ryan M. Ravenelle, Fatoumata Diallo, Maximilian W. Hahn, John R. Copeland, Adam Van Pelt, John C. Crittenden and Carsten Sievers
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