593 Bioengineering Poster Session

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 6:00 PM
Hall B (Convention Center )
This session will feature bioengineering projects. This includes, but is not limited to, advances in metabolic engineering, systems biology, mathematical modeling of biological processes, production of biorenewable commodity products and fuels, bioinformatics, bioreactors, fermentation, cell culture, protein engineering, protein folding, gene and drug delivery, disease mechanisms, disease therapies, and bioimaging techniques.


Shannon L. Servoss
Email: sservoss@uark.edu

Caryn L. Heldt
Email: heldt@mtu.edu

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(593ab) Homeoviscous Response of Clostridium Pasteurianum to Butanol
Yogi Kurniawan, Keerthi P. Venkataramanan, Judy J. Boatman, Casandra H. Haynes, Lenore M. Martin, Geoffrey D. Bothun, Katherine A. Taconi and Carmen Scholz

(593ac) Immobilization of Lipase B From Candida Antarctica B On Poly (methyl methacrylate) Epoxylated Support Aiming Biodiesel Production
Leonardo J.B.L. de Matos, José C.S. dos Santos, Bruna B. Pinheiro, Paulo W. Tardiolli, Raquel L.C. Giordano and Luciana R.B. Gonçalves

(593af) Investigation On Impact of Genealogy On Process Behaviour
Nor Mohamed Azmin, Elaine Martin and Gary Montague

(593ag) Engineering Chimeric Antigen Receptors for Logical Computation
Yvonne Y. Chen, Michael C. Jensen and Pamela Silver
File available
(593ah) Wireless Capnograph for Respiratory Function Diagnosis and Management
Di Zhao, Ranganath Krishnan, Dylan Miller, Francis Tsow, Erica Forzani and Nongjian Tao

(593ai) Effect of Carbohydrates On the Interaction Between Lysozyme and Procyanidin
Miao Liang, Rongxin Su, Rui Liu, Mengfan Wang, Wei Qi and Zhimin He
File available
(593ak) Bacterial Biosurfactant Production From Biomass-Derived Sugars Aiming Bioremediation of Marine Ecosystems Contaminated by Hydrocarbons
Ítalo Waldimiro Lima França Sr., Darlane Oliveira Sr., Vania Melo Sr., Hosiberto Sant'ana Sr. and Luciana Gonçalves Sr.

(593al) Carbon Nanofibers: Rosette Nanotubes Injectable Scaffolds for Myocardial Application
Xiangling Meng, David A. Stout, Linlin Sun, Rachel Beigessner, Hicham Fenniri and Thomas J. Webster

(593am) Comparison of Estrogenic Properties of Small Molecules Across Several Species Using Biosensors
Derek Reichel, Angela Chen, Lily Glick, Jeevan Baretto and David W. Wood
File available
(593ao) Effect of Stretching On Transport Across the Stratum Corneum
Monica Hwang, Annie Jensen, Kristina Runas, Bruce Yan, Olivia Warren and Nancy K. Lape
File available
(593aq) Enzyme Immobilization Onto Various Nanosupports: A Critical Study
Alan S. Campbell, Chenbo Dong, Chengcheng Xiang, Nianquiang Wu, Jonathan S. Dordick and Cerasela Zoica Dinu

(593ar) Extracellular Chemical Stimuli and Mechanotransduction
Kris Noel Dahl, Stephen T. Spagnol and James S. Weltz

(593as) High-Throughput Screening System for the Determination of Estrogenic Properties of Small Molecules
Derek Reichel, Lily Glick, Angela Chen, Brian Saunders, Elif Miskioglu and David W. Wood

(593aw) Thermodynamic Properties of Nuclear Lamin Proteins
Kelli Coffey, Matthew Biegler, Agnieszka Kalinowski and Kris Noel Dahl

(593c) Serum Protein Adsorption Onto Functionalized Polyanhydride Nanoparticles Influences Particle Interactions with Dendritic Cells
Jonathan Goodman, Julia Vela-Ramirez, Brenda R. Carrillo-Conde, Amanda Ramer-Tait, Michael J. Wannemuehler and Balaji Narasimhan

(593d) Smart Multi-Objective Global Optimization for Metabolic Engineering
Carlos Pozo, Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez, Laureano Jiménez and Albert Sorribas

(593g) Evaluation of Transmembrane Proteins for Stabilizing Emulsions
Luz Stella Tautiva, Oscar Alberto Alvarez, Harold Enrique Castro Barrera, Nathalia Garces Ferreira, Watson L. Vargas and Andrés Fernando González Barrios

(593h) Medium Design for Ethanol Production Through Syngas Fermentation
Jie Gao, John R. Phillips, Hasan K. Atiyeh, Mark R. Wilkins and Raymond L. Huhnke

(593i) Multivariate Analysis of TOF-SIMS Data for Applications in Tissue Engineering and Quantifying Biomolecules
Mary L. Kraft, Robert L. Wilson, Jessica F. Frisz, Ji Sun Choi and Brendan A.C. Harley

(593j) Effect of Substrate and Temperature On Biogas Production From Anaerobic Digestion
Matthew J. Metzger, Tonderayi S Matambo, Michelle Low, Ralph Muvhiiwa, Phillip Chafa, David Glasser and Diane Hildebrandt

(593o) Evaluation of the Potential of Biosurfactant Production by Bacillus Strains in Different Culture Media
Darlane Wellen Freitas de Oliveira, Ítalo Waldimiro Lima França Sr., Diana Pereira Bezerra, Vania Maria M. Melo and Luciana R. B. Goncalves

(593t) Characterization of Photosynthetic Proteins in Marine Algae
Jing Jiang, Hao Zhang, Robert Blankenship and Cynthia S. Lo

(593u) A Purification Method for Thermostable Recombinant Carbonic Anhydrase Proteins Produced in E. Coli
Geoffrey Kleimeyer, Michael J. Coolbaugh, Iraj Ghazi and David W. Wood

(593w) Improve Acetyl-CoA Level in Baker's Yeast
Yarong Gao, Liang Wang, Jianping Wang, Wenshan Liu and Rongrong Jiang

(593x) Surfactant Improved Fatty Acids Production From Babassu Oil Using Rizomuchor Miehei Lipase
José Cleiton Sousa dos Santos, Leonardo José Brandão Lima de Matos, Maria Cristiane Martins de Souza, Hosiberto B. Sant'ana and Luciana R. B. Gonçalves