681 Biosensors, Biodiagnosis and Bioprocess Monitoring

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 12:30 PM
Crawford East (Westin )
This session will address biosensors, bioprocess monitoring, and high-throughput biochemical assays. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, development and application of novel biosensor devices, use of biosensors for bioprocess monitoring and control, study of bioprocesses through detection of biological analytes from complex samples, and rapid or high-throughput approaches for biochemical analysis.


Hadley D. Sikes
Email: sikes@mit.edu

Hyunmin Yi
Email: Hyunmin.Yi@tufts.edu

1:06 PM
(681c) Nanoparticle-Based, PCR-Less Detection and Isolation of Molecular Biomarkers
Kalpesh D. Mahajan, Greg Vieira, Gang Ruan, Maryam Lustberg, Jeffrey J. Chalmers, R. Sooryakumar and Jessica O. Winter

1:24 PM
(681d) Application of a Novel Tablet PCR Platform for Detection of Influenza Subtypes From Clinical Samples
Stephanie Angione, Zintis Inde, Christina Beck, Steve M. Opal, Andrew W. Artenstein and Anubhav Tripathi

1:42 PM
(681e) Microfluidic Platform for Antibiotic Susceptibility Screening
Ritika Mohan, Arnab Mukherjee, Jaebum Lee, Emre Sevgen, Charles M. Schroeder and Paul J. A. Kenis

2:00 PM

2:36 PM
(681h) Electronic Platform Used As a Proxy to Quantify Cellular Toxicity of Anticancer Drug
Reem Eldawud, Surya Manivannan, Hosam Elbaz, Yon Rojanasakul and Cerasela Zoica Dinu