96 Metabolic Engineering and Bioinformatics

Monday, October 29, 2012: 12:30 PM
Westmoreland West (Westin )
Metabolic engineering is the targeted improvement of the cellular metabolic phenotype using recombinant DNA technology. Improvements often require characterization of the existing and heterologous metabolic networks using both experimental and computational techniques. Abstracts describing new developments in these topics are sought, and those incorporating both mathematical modeling and experimental aspects are particularly encouraged. Example areas include quantification of metabolic fluxes, inverse metabolic engineering, production of novel products, application of evolutionary techniques, construction of metabolic models from genomic data, and incorporation of microarray and proteomic data and mathematical modeling of metabolism. The session is open to papers focused on any type of organism.


Chase L. Beisel
Email: cbeisel@ncsu.edu

Keith E.J. Tyo
Email: k-tyo@northwestern.edu