399 Advances in Process Intensification

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 8:30 AM
Oakmont (Omni )
Process Intensification (PI) is an engineering expression that refers to the transformation of a chemical process to make it significantly more efficient in terms of relevant process performance figures (e.g. energy consumption and cost-effectiveness). PI requires a holistic view in order to identify and eliminate the main resistances that limit the overall process performance. Options for PI can be identified and realized on different scales of a chemical process and include e.g. the realization of new reaction routes (using new catalysts), the use of innovative solvents, alternative forms of energy, novel (e.g. structured) reactors, integrated processes (e.g. reactive or hybrid separations) or new (e.g. dynamic) operating modes. Papers on practical implementations as well as methodological contributions are equally welcome.

Process Intensification & Microprocess Engineering

Hannsjörg Freund
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(399b) New Vapor Compression Alternatives in Thermally Coupled Distillation
José Antonio Caballero, Miguel A. Navarro and Juan A. Reyes-Labarta
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9:45 AM

10:35 AM
(399f) Effect of Sulfur Poisoning On A Cobalt-Based Fischer-Tropsche Catalyst in A Fixed BED Compact HEAT Exchange Reactor
Hani Gadalla, Steven J. Vallee, Zhijun Jia, Burtron H. Davis and Dennis E. Sparks
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