397 Advances in Absorption

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 8:30 AM
408 (Convention Center )
Session chairs will consider presentation proposals covering advances in absorption both from industry and academia.

Distillation and Absorption

M.R. Resetarits
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A.N. Vennavelli
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9:45 AM
(397d) Validation of a Process Model of CO2 Capture in an Aqueous Solvent, Using an Implicit Molecular Based Treatment of the Reactions
Claire S. Adjiman, Charles V. Brand, Javier Rodriguez-Perez, Amparo Galindo and George Jackson
File available
10:35 AM
(397f) Differential Solubility of Ethylene and Acetylene in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids by Computational Analysis
Xu Zhao, Huabin Xing, Qiwei Yang, Baogen Su, Zongbi Bao, Yiwen Yang and Qilong Ren
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