291999 Solar Thermal Biomass Gasification with Added Methane

Monday, October 29, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Jeni Sorli, 3415 Colorado Avenue, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

The aims of this study were to generate syngas from biomass by exposing it to high temperatures in the presence of methane and steam, and explore the process feasibility in comparison to present and rising technologies.

Experimental data was collected in an indirectly heated entrained flow reactor using a 23 factorial experimental design. The data was compared to equilibrium predictions, and found to correlate within experimental error and the given statistical conditions at a temperature of 1500°C. This result is significant to the study and progress of biomass gasification, as equilibrium calculations have long been considered impractical due to the unpredictable nature of gasification processes and the composition of biomass. The applicability of equilibrium calculations to the process also allow for the tailoring of the reaction to yield a certain product gas composition (i.e. H2 enriched syngas with minimal CO2 content compatible with liquid fuel synthesis technologies).

Additionally, the relative efficiency of this process was compared to that of other methods of energy production as further support for this technology.

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