291940 A Cyclic Voltammetric Study of Three-Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous Carbon-Based Electrodes

Monday, October 29, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Kwang jin Kim and Kenneth L. Brown, Chemistry, Hope College, Holland, MI

Three-Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous (3DOM) carbon electrodes, which have well-interconnected pore structures, were studied as alternative electrodes for preliminary use in development of chemically modified electrodes.  Due to the well-interconnected pore structure, 3DOM carbon electrodes have a greater surface area and a shorter diffusion length that improves charge-transfer. Furthermore, in order to increase the energy density of the 3DOM electrode, gold nanoparticles were incorporated on the surface of the 3DOM electrode. Based on the Randles-Sevcik equation (derived from the Nernst-Planck equation), 3DOM electrodes have shown similar results to that of results with glassy carbon electrodes, but with enhanced electron transfer rates and higher capacitance. After refinement of the 3DOM mounting process, the electrode showed a reproducible response for the anodic and cathodic peak currents during characterization in the electrolytic solution.  Also, preliminary data show that thiophene can be incorporated into the pores of the 3DOM electrode. This will potentially allow for the formation of polythiophene within the electrode pores.

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