291477 Supercapacitance Behavior of Vanadium Nitride

Monday, October 29, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Chris Okoli, Chemical and Petroleum, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Supercapacitance behavior of Vanadium Nitride: Dependence on structure and materials properties

Chris Okoli, Prashanth Jampani Hanumantha, and Prashant N. Kumta

Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Pittsburgh


Electrochemical energy storage systems are vital for meeting the burgeoning global energy demand. Electrochemical capacitors in this regard are very attractive on account of their rate capability, Faradaic redox reversibility and cycling stability. Ruthenium oxide supercapacitors are well known due to their reversible charge storage upon cycling between II – IV oxidation states but are limited due to cost. Hence, the objective of this research is to investigate other cost effective materials such as vanadium nitride previously shown to have excellent capacitive charge storage properties. In order to understand the effect of materials properties on VN capacitance, a facile milling approach was adopted. The effect of milling on the resultant capacitance was studied through X-ray diffraction studies, SEM, BET, furnace heating and electrochemical testing.

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