291355 UV Waterworks: Clean Water for the Developing World

Monday, October 29, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Peter Liu, Protein Purification, ImClone Systems, New York, NJ

Clean, uncontaminated water has become increasingly difficult to acquire.  The effects of contaminated drinking water are disastrous, especially in developing countries.  The “water problem” can be solved through appropriate implementations of science and technology.  However, chlorine water treatments, deep tubewells, and standard boiling methods are not sustainable in poverty-stricken nations, which require a water solution that guarantees quality and affordability, and safety.  

The process of ultraviolet light disinfection fulfills these requirements.  Specifically, it is safe for the community and environment and extremely effective against a wide variety of bacteria.  Above all, it is affordable on a small-scale.  The design is simple: filtered water flows into a chamber in which it is exposed to UV light.  This design, however, was not without its flaws, which Dr. Ashok Gadgil remedied with his invention, “UV Waterworks,” an ultraviolet purifier designed specifically for use in developing countries.  Gadgil proposes an innovative “public-private partnership” implementation strategy, as traditional technological implementations are often problematic in the developing world.

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