289218 Past, Present, and Future of Kiche

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 4:55 PM
Allegheny I (Westin )
Seung Jong Lee, Chemical & Biological Eng, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, Hyun-Ku Rhee, School of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Institute of Chemical Processes, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea and Hyung-Shik Shin, School of Chemical Engineering, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, South Korea

The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE) represents the society of Korean Chemical Engineers. The KIChE was founded in 1962 and it has evolved to a non-profit organization having 5,000 members. It consists of one headquater, 9 local chapters, and 13 technical sections. The KIChE has been a main place for exchanging new ideas on technology, building chemical engineering communities, sharing social activities, and enhancing the collaboration between academia and industry. The KIChE aims at leading academic and industrial sectors by disseminating its activities in publishing journal articles and providing national conferences, academic/industrial workshops, and special tutoring sections. Through the educational and research activities, we would like to contribute to providing effective measures to mankind in important matters related to energy, food, and  environment. Based on these activities, this talk will provide a comprehensive overview of past, present, and future of the KIChE and prospect collaboration with the AIChE. This year is the 50th anniversary of KIChE. The KIChE hopes to share the idea for coming new paradigms in Chemical Engineering.

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