288889 A Two-Scale 13C-Based Method for Metabolic Flux Measurement and Prediction in Genome-Scale Models

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 12:30 PM
335 (Convention Center )
Hector Garcia-Martin, Fuel Synthesis Division, Joint Bioenergy Institute, Emeryville, CA

Systems biology aims to provide a predictive and quantitative
understanding of cell behaviour as the outcome of the interaction of
its comprising parts. Metabolic flux profiles (i.e. the number of
molecules traversing each biochemical reaction encoded in its genome
per unit time) are not only a key phenotypic characteristic but also
embody the essence of this complexity since they represent the final
functional output of the interactions of all the molecular machinery
studied by all the other "omics" fields. Two of the most popular
methods for studying metabolic fluxes are Flux Balance Analysis (FBA)
and 13C Metabolic Flux Analysis (13C MFA), each of them displaying its
own advantages and disadvantages. In this talk I will present a new
method: Two scale 13C Metabolic Flux Analysis (2S-13CMFA), which
combines the advantages of FBA and 13C MFA. I will showcase its
applications and possibilities with data from the KEIO knockout

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