288290 Zeolite Nanosheets

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 4:15 PM
319 (Convention Center )
Michael Tsapatsis, Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Although layered precursors to zeolites are known for several decades, the synthesis of isolated nanometer-thick microporous lamellae remains challenging. We proposed that highly crystalline microporous nanosheets may open new routes for the preparation of thin films, hierarchical materials and other nanostructures. Two recent examples demonstrating this potential will be described: (i) 3nm-MFI and 2nm-MWW exfoliated nanosheets and their use in forming zeolite membranes [1] and (ii) a hierarchical self-pillared zeolite composed of orthogonally connected single-unit-cell (2nm thick) MFI lamellae resembling a house-of-cards construction [2]. Further opportunities for synthesis of new catalysts, adsorbents and thin films by assembly of nanosheets will be discussed.

1. Varoon K., Zhang X., Elyassi B., Brewer D., Gettel M., Kumar S., Lee J.A., Maheshwari S., Mittal A., Sung C.-Y., Cococcioni M., Francis L.F., McCormick A.V.,  Mkhoyan A. and Tsapatsis M. Dispersible Exfoliated Zeolite Nanosheets and Their Application as a Selective Membrane Science 334, 72-75 (2011)

2. Zhang X., Liu D., Xu D., Asahina S., Cychosz K., Varoon K., Al Wahedi Y., Bhan A., Al Hashimi S., Terasaki O., Thommes M., Tsapatsis M. Direct Synthesis of Self-Pillared Zeolite Nanosheets by Repetitive Branching Science In Press (2012)

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