288098 Numerical Methods for Solving Mode-Related Problems in Photonic Devices

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 2:07 PM
Westmoreland East (Westin )
Meng-Mu Shih, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

This work demonstrates a numerical process of solving the mode-related problems in photonic devices with periodic structures. The periodic structures can make the photonic devices behave quite differently than without. In quantum photonics, this periodicity can cause the perturbation effect and show a stop band in the frequency and wave-vector diagram. This effect also can make the propagation constant of the photonic device become a complex number. A visualized method to approach the solution effectively and efficiently is therefore of the central interest.

This work will use the light-emitting devices with hybrid materials of semiconductor and metal as the computational example. This photonic device can emit the light at telecommunication wavelength. This process will cover several sub-processes such as material selection and optical properties, material and optical matching, mathematical issues such as boundary value, linear algebra, and numerical methods. The numerical method has to consider the trade-offs between the precision of the solution and the time required to get the solution. The above results obtained by the photonic method will be compared with the results by the optical method. The results by both methods are close. This photonic method can be applied to photonic devices with different materials and structures for wide applications.

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