287607 Product & Resource Recovery an Evolution

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 8:35 AM
331 (Convention Center )
George Abrahim, VWS, Veolia Water, Moon, PA

The dramatic shift in energy prices, availability of mineral resources, and scarcity of water in certain regions are driving industrial facilities to seek innovative solutions to reduce their risk exposure. 

The wastewater plant of the 21st Century is also evolving to become a resource rather than a cost center.  Self sufficient in terms of energy, high recovery for water recycle/reuse, produces recoverable substances and generates less waste.  Until recently, this was generally regarded as an obscure business, whose growth rate and profitability scarcely deserved attention. 

This evolution of the water business will continue to drive the development of new innovative technologies and processes such as desalination of brackish water for recycle/reuse using high recovery ROs; recovery of biogas of high COD wastewater stream using anaerobic MBR; and by-product recovery of metals from mining wastewater using various conventional treatment schemes.  This presentation will discuss the drivers behind P&RR and also presents case studies highlighting innovation in new technologies and their value proposition to the market place.

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