287383 Engineering and Industrial Development of Technologies for Conversion of Natural Gas Into Efficient Motor Fuel

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 10:18 AM
322 (Convention Center )
Lev Reznikov, Engineering, Global Fabrication, Inc., DuBois, PA, Luke Sicard II, Engineering, Global Fabrication Inc., DuBois, PA and Victor Zents, Global Fabrication Inc., DuBois, PA

Natural Gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels.  It is also the most efficient domestic multi-purpose and very reliable fuel. Natural Gas is a recognized clean alternative to other motor fuels. It  can be used as a base component for optimized fuel compositions with other hydrocarbon fluids and / or with hydrogen.

            Before natural gas can be used as a fuel, it must be processed for dehydration and removal other impurities. The by-products of processing include ethane, propane, butanes, pentanes, natural gasoline, and other hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, water vapor.

Global Fabrication Inc. has developed a full range of engineering and manufacturing capabilities for design, research, and manufacturing of process equipment for treatment of natural gas.

Our equipment can be utilized for production of various natural gas based pure and composed motor fuels.

These capabilities include:

-          Optimization of gas purification from mechanical and chemical impurities (removal of sand and dust, sweetening and dehydration) sulfur and CO2 removal;

-          Design and manufacturing of low and high pressure storages, including heat insulated tanks;

-          Precision thermal management of compressed gases from cryogenic level (processes of liquefaction and gasification) to high temperatures;

-          Compression and expansion with recovery of energy;

-          Recovery of natural gas byproducts for support of process parameters (combustion of hydrocarbons for heaters);

-          Design and fabrication of modular SKID mounted plants and units (such as Gas Dehydration and Gas Production Units, Adsorbers, Compressor Stations, piping, pressure vessels);

-          Measurement and control of process parameters with the Internet based remote control and troubleshooting of the systems;

-          Optimization of composition of combustion components for best consumer properties of natural gas based mixtures and highest performance of fuel.

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