286850 Energetic and Exergetic Performances of a Solar Storage Collector Based On Ceramics Matrixes

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 9:45 AM
306 (Convention Center )
Leonardo Alonso1, Mario R Bernal2, Gabriel Camargo2 and Fabio Sierra3, (1)Agroindustrial Engineering, Corporacion Universitaria del Meta, Villavicencio , Colombia, (2)Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Libre, Bogota, Colombia, (3)Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Nacional, Bogota, Colombia

The uses of materials ceramics in the collector solar for passive application of solar energy has been increasing ultimately. This paper deals with an experimental study of an inexpensive solar storage collector of total aperture area of 0.36 m2, used for the providing of domestic hot water. The idea was adapted of an early study which concrete was used as matrix.

 The goal of this projects is to test new application for ceramics materials.  

 The solar collector is constituted by an absorber matrix made up of a thin ceramics slab which performs the function of both absorbing and storing of the solar thermal energy. The second element in the collector is a copper container where water is stored. The experiments were carry out indoor environmental for three different levels of incident energy, in a simulator of solar radiation.  

 A complete energy and exergy analysis were done for calculate efficiency of the solar collector

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