286353 Thermodynamical Analysis of Glycerol Partial Oxidation Reaction Using Zeolites Catalyst

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Gabriel Camargo, Ingenieria Mecanica, Universidad Libre, Bogota, Colombia, Stephany Cardozo, International Trade , Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogota, Colombia and Mauricio V Peņa, Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Libre, Bogota, Colombia

This research is associated with the possibilities of glycerol uses as raw material for the generation of commercial products. In this project the glycerol partial oxidation reaction was thermodynamically analyzed and the results were compared with experimental data from literature. The thermodynamic properties were evaluated using contribution group methods and the results shown the conditions of temperature for several reactions and what happen if the temperature changes to different values. For the thermodynamics, analysis the ASPEN  software was used, and a MATLAB application was developed..

To compare purposes, the glycerol partial oxidation reaction over zeolite catalysts was used. In the literature different temperatures and FAo/W ratios were tested, the reaction products were identified by mass spectroscopy  and quantified by gas chromatography.

The results obtained will be used for analysis in the commercial balance for Colombia, in where the glycerol production has increased due the biodiesel production. This is the first part of several investigation using glycerol as a raw material in heterogeneous catalytic processes.

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