286145 Simulation of Lithium-Ion Cells and Batteries

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 3:15 PM
410 (Convention Center )
Ralph E. White, Chemical Engineering, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

Simulation of lithium-ion cells and batteries includes predicting the performance and life of these devices. The beginning of life performance of lithium-ion cells can be predicted by using John Newman's porous electrode theory, which will be reviewed in this presentation. Predicting the rate of heat generation in lithium-ion cells is a critical aspect of designing heat removal components of a lithium-ion battery pack for electrical vehicle applications. The rate of heat generation of the components in a lithium ion cell can be predicted by using multiscale, multidimensional modeling technique, which will be presented in this talk.  In order the reduce the computation burden for solving these model equations, reduced order models have been developed and will be outlined in this tutorial.  The life of lithium-ion cells and batteries can be predicted by adding equations that describe the degradation processes to the model equations, or by using parameter estimation techniques to determine how the important physical parameters in the beginning of life model equations change with time. An overview of these life predicting techniques will be presented.

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