284675 Density Measurements of Tetrahydrofuran + Water Solutions At Atmospheric Pressure

Monday, October 29, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Jose Domenzain-Gonzalez1, Alfredo Pimentel-Rodas1, Luis A. Galicia-Luna1, Dominique Richon2 and Octavio Elizalde-Solis3, (1)INSTITUTO POLITECNICO NACIONAL-ESIQIE, Mexico, Mexico, (2)CEP/TEP - Centre Énergétique et Procédés, Mines Paris-Tech, Fontainebleau, France, (3)Departamento de Ingeniería Química Petrolera, INSTITUTO POLITECNICO NACIONAL-ESIQIE, México, D. F., Mexico

In this work, we report experimental density data for the binary mixtures of tetrahydrofuran + water at atmospheric pressure (0.785 mbar and 1 bar) and various temperatures. These data are compared with data reported in the literature. Obtained densities were determined using a commercial vibrating-tube densimeter from Anton Paar (model: DMA HPM). Experimental methodology was verified by measuring densities of heptane and the maximum deviation obtained was 0.01%. The mixtures were prepared in a flask under vacuum by the method of successive weighings. Excess molar volumes for the tetrahydrofuran + water system have been calculated using the experimental densities and correlated with the Redlich–Kister equation. Optimized parameters for this equation have been adjusted on experimental results. The partial molar volumes and partial excess molar volumes at infinite dilution have also been calculated for each component. The tendency of the data to higher water concentration is due to the effect called negative partial molar expansibility.

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