284670 Strategy and Economics

Monday, October 29, 2012: 2:20 PM
302 (Convention Center )
Diana Matonis, Midstream Energy Group, Sugar Land, TX

This is a tutorial-like presentation of the MBA in a Day session.  The speaker is Diana Matonis, PhD, MBA. She is Senior Engineer/Plant (Asset) Engineer at DCP Midstream. Dr. Matonis has more than 20 years of experience supporting the Oil & Gas industries. She has held key positions in both project and project management roles. She has developed techno-economic and life cycle assessments and has provided technical strategies and solutions to bring to market licensed patents through government and industrial partnerships. Technical areas of expertise include new, lower-cost NGL and syngas processes, conversion of biomass feedstock, techno-economic and life cycle assessment of bioenergy systems, and process performance models for scale-up. Besides DCP Midstream, Dr. Matonis has held management and technical positions with Aerotek Engineering, Fuel Cell Energy at the Aries Group, the Gas Technology Institute, and Argonne National Laboratory.

The goal of this presentation will be to provide a basic introduction of key macroeconomic variables involved in assessing the macroeconomic environment in which a business operates. Macroeconomic conditions play important roles in business decisions and performance.  Aggregate income, unemployment, and inflation rate influence profitability.  Interest rates determine the cost of capital, and exchange rates affect international competitiveness.

Thus, these key macroeconomic variables will be covered;

♦ Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

♦ Unemployment Rate

♦ Inflation Rate

♦ Interest Rate

♦ Exchange Rate

The session will be of interest to those who want to learn about MBA programs and content. The session will be highly of interest to young professionals.

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