284233 Leadership, People Management, and Organizations

Monday, October 29, 2012: 1:00 PM
302 (Convention Center )
Syamal K. Poddar, Poddar & Associates, Houston, TX

This is a tutorial-like presentation of the MBA in a Day session. Dr. Syamal K. Poddar is a chemical engineer with thirty five plus years of balanced blend of technical and business experiences in industry and academics. As the President and Principal Consultant of Poddar & Associates, a consulting company, located in Houston, TX, Syamal is actively engaged nationally and internationally in offering courses on Leadership and Project Management and providing consulting services in Business Development. In addition to authoring 44 technical papers and 2 US patents, Syamal has made numerous invited technical and business presentations at national and international conferences and organized and chaired many such conferences. He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas.

 The session will be of interest to those who want to learn about MBA programs and content: Those who may be considering enrolling in an MBA program, those who want to understand the type of information that is covered in an MBA program, and those who would benefit from having an overview of the content of a typical MBA program, for example. The speakers are subject matter experts who will take into account the interests and background of chemical engineers in the way that they present the information.   The average student who is enrolled in an MBA program has six years of experience and is 29 years old.  Students with engineering or science backgrounds comprise 35 to 40% of MBA programs.  As a consequence, the session will be highly of interest to young professionals.

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