284166 Electrokinetics and High Pressure Liquid Chromatgraphy

Monday, October 29, 2012: 4:45 PM
408 (Convention Center )
Don Arnold, Eksigent, Dublin, CA

Fundamental investigations of electrokinetic flow led to the founding of Eksigent. From this starting point, widely varying products and applications for the origen have taken Ekisgent into high pressure liquid chromatography, chip based systems, and mass spectrometry solutions. These investigations have led to an expertise in precision flow control and fluid interfaces. Applications of these innovations range from drug discover, biomarker discovery and measurement to proteomics, genomics, and metabonomics.

Protein identification and functional analysis require new analytical tools and techniques that offer high throughput and enhanced detection sensitivity for identification of low-abundance proteins. To meet this need, Eksigent developed NanoLC™ systems with extremely precise gradient control at the 100 to 200 nL/min column flow rates preferred for nanospray MS, with integral peak parking. Multiplexing the system to allow multiple, simultaneous separations increases throughput substantially when used in combination with the cHiPLC®-Nanoflex System or with high-throughput MALDI systems, like the EKSpot™ MALDI Spotting System.  Eksigent's ExpressLC® system has unique innovations to provide increased levels of chromatographic resolution and speed at low sample volumes and flow rates.or conducting library purity tests, developing validated methodologies for ADMETox studies or completing formulation and stability testing in the drug discovery and development industry.

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