283916 Detection of Acetone in Air Using Silver Ion Exchanged ZSM-5 and Zinc Oxide Sensing Films

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 9:42 AM
Washington (Westin )
Kurt L Gerfen, Chemical Engineering, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, Eric Holt, Chemical Engineering, University of Lousiville, Louisville, KY and Xiao-an Fu, Chemical Engineering, University of Lousiville, Lousiville, KY

Zinc oxide (ZnO) based gas sensors with sliver ion exchanged ZSM-5 (Ag+ZSM-5) zeolite overlayer were fabricated and tested for detection of acetone vapor in air. The ZnO and Ag+ZSM-5 films were deposited on 400μm by 400μm platinum interdigitated electrodes (IDE) on a silicon dioxide film on a silicon substrate. Two types of sensors were developed, one with only a ZnO film and the other a ZnO film with Ag+ZSM-5 film on top. The synthesis and materials characterization of ZnO and Ag+ZSM-5 will be discussed. The microfabrication processes used to create the IDE used for the sensors will be presented. 

The acetone sensitivity was examined by exposing both sensors to dry air containing varying parts per million acetone at 350°C and then measuring the resulting change in resistance across the electrodes.  Both sensors showed sensitivity to acetone in air, however, the sensitivity in the ZnO and Ag+ZSM-5 films were greater than that of just the ZnO film.  The utilization of the ZnO and Ag+ZSM-5 films as sensor has great potential for detection of acetone in other gaseous mixtures, including human breath.

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