283695 Nanoscale to Macroscale Modeling of Biochemical Linked Muscle Response

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 1:24 PM
Crawford East (Westin )
Richard Long Jr., Chemical Engineering, NMSU, Las Cruces, NM

The Huxley model of cross-bridge filament interaction allows modeling at the nanoscale. By integrating across the entire sarcomere it is possible to compute the response at the macroscale. By knowing the biochemistry of the excitation-contraction coupling, it is possible to compute the nano scale and macroscale mechanical response action for the muscle. By structural models of the filaments, it is possible to compute the multidimensional response of the structural features of the muscle tissue extant. The response of the S! fragment of the actomyosin crossbridge, enables one to compute the nanoscale force model of the response. By combining the linear momentum balance with the chemical rate equations in the biochemical cycle, it is possible to compute the macroscale force balance. The nanoscale micro-environment shows the effect of the small molecule response on the filament action in the macroscale model. The paper by Long and Phoonsiri(Chem.Eng. Comm.) shows the preliminary response of the model for the macroscale. The transient reponse of the model is featured.

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