283403 Rare Earth Elements: A US User's Perspective of Issues and Initiatives

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 8:30 AM
406 (Convention Center )
Peter Dent, Electron Energy Corporation, Landisville, PA

Strategic and critical mineral supply chains are nationally recognized as being important to the US manufacturing industry, energy supply, and national defense.  Currently, China dominates the rare earth market and will continue to do so even after new non-Chinese sources of supply come on line.  The17 rare earth elements play a crucial role in international supply chains.  The largest US industrial consumers by tonnage are catalyst producers who use rare earths for the cracking of crude petroleum and automotive catalytic converters for treating engine exhaust. Growing demand for alternative energy technologies which utilize rare earths include wind power, hybrid electric vehicles, advanced batteries, fluorescent lighting, and efficient permanent magnet motors and generators. To secure the future of these industries, we must address the challenges associated with supply risks due to their location, vulnerability to disruptions, and lack of suitable substitutes. This presentation will discuss the issues and initiatives in supply and demand in the complete rare earth supply chain and offer a user’s perspective on navigating through this uncertain environment.

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