283398 Construction of Attainable Region with Volumetric Constraints

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 1:10 PM
331 (Convention Center )
Zayna Alhusseini, chemcial and biomolecular Engineering, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA and Vasilios Manousiouthakis, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Department,, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Since reactor design is always under challenge for chemical engineers, cost factors in the design process must also be considered. One way of considering the cost of a reactor is my constructing the AR with an economic consideration incorporated into the calculation. The reactor cost can be correlated to volumetric capacity. Constructing the AR under the constrain of total network volume can provide a measure of cost control.

In this work, the AR  problem is investigated, within the Infinite DimEnsionAl State-space IDEAS framework, for a network of reactor with known RTD and isothermal reactor networks. Constructing of the AR of a Segregated Laminar Flow Reactor (SLFR) to produce the AR for the network subject to volumetric constraints. The IDEAS conceptual framework is realized through solution of a series of finite dimensional linear programs the resulting mathematical formulation is an infinite dimensional program with linear constraints and a separable concave objective function. The proposed methodology is illustrated using the Trambouze reaction kinetics.

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