282357 Opportunities for CO2-Selective Membranes in Hydrogen Purification

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 4:30 PM
402 (Convention Center )
Haiqing Lin1, Jimmy Vu2, Jenny He1, Lloyd S. White2 and Tim Merkel3, (1)Membrane Technology and Research, Inc., Newark, CA, (2)Membrane Technology and Research, Inc., Menlo Park, CA, (3)MTR, Newark, CA

Syngas operations require separation of CO2 from hydrogen for various reasons, not only for CO2 capture from IGCC operations, but for a number of existing refinery and petrochemical applications.  Membrane technology is an attractive approach to CO2 capture because of inherent advantages such as modularity, high energy efficiency and good reliability.  MTR has been developing CO2-selective PolarisTM membranes, which are highly permeable to CO2 and reject the other major components of syngas, including H2, CO and CH4.  Polaris membranes have CO2 permeances approximately ten times higher than other commercial CO2-selective membranes.  This combination of permeance and selectivity meets the target range necessary to yield a competitive membrane-based process for hydrogen purification and/or CO2 capture and sequestration.

This presentation will describe how multi-stage and multi-step membrane process designs can be used to minimize membrane area, compressor power requirements, and hydrogen loss during hydrogen recovery from syngas.  A preliminary process simulation study shows that a Polaris-based membrane process can achieve 99% hydrogen recovery, and capture 97% of CO2 as a sequestration-ready liquid stream.  Currently, MTR is working with the U.S. DOE National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC, operated by Southern Company) to conduct field tests of Polaris membranes at a coal-fired power plant.  Results of the tests will be summarized, and  critical issues such as long-term stability in practical applications and the impact of contaminants on system performance will be addressed.  Future plans for running a 0.1 MWe (500 lb/hr syngas) CO2 capture/hydrogen purification membrane system and issues associated with eventual scale-up to full commercial operation will also be discussed.

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