282027 Streamlining CAPE-OPEN Interoperability with Promax®

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 1:45 PM
328 (Convention Center )
Michael W. Hlavinka, Jorge Martinis, Hugh Docherty, Mauricio Lopez and Christopher Skowlund, Bryan Research & Engineering, Inc., Bryan, TX

Streamlining CAPE-OPEN interoperability with ProMax®

Christopher Skowlund, Mauricio Lopez, Jorge M. Martinis, Hugh Docherty, Michael Hlavinka

*Bryan Research & Engineering, Inc. P.O.Box 4747, Bryan, Texas 77805

As CAPE-OPEN (CO) becomes a de facto standard for process simulation software interoperability, a recent implementation of the Thermodynamic and Unit Operation interface specifications in ProMax® has been tested. The new implementation, which supports version 1.0 and 1.1 of the CO standard, extends the ability of ProMax® to consume foreign CO compliant components in the form of unit operations, and provides users with a seamless mechanism to host ProMax® powerful thermodynamics in their environment of choice for process simulation. In the present work, a case study case is presented to illustrate the interoperability of ProMax® simulation environment with CO unit operations from ProMax® and various other vendors. Furthermore, a second case study featuring ProMax® thermodynamic models interoperating with COCO simulation environment using a similar unit operation layout is presented. In both cases, the impact of the CO interface layer overhead on performance and the strategies to overcome current limitations in the CO standard for multithreading execution have been addressed. As a result, a series of recommendations to increase the generality and flexibility of the CO standard have been proposed.

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