281721 Theoretical and Experimental Study On the Improvement of Powder Bulk Density

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Yanxin Chen1, Feng Wu1, Yaru Hu1, Haihong Fan2 and Yong Min1, (1)Xi'an University of Architecture &Technology, Institute of Powder Engineering, Xi'an, China, (2)Xi’an University of Architecture &Technology, Institute of Powder Engineering, XI'AN, China

Theoretical and Experimental Study on the Improvement of Powder bulk density

  CHEN Yan-xin, WU Feng, HU Ya-ru, FAN Hai-hong, MIN Yong

Xi'an University of Architecture &Technology, Institute of Powder Engineering, Xi'an, China




Based on the theory of Andreason and compressible packing model, the calculations of modifying and packing density of the coal particles have been carried out, and the calculation results have been also verified by experiments. Meanwhile the influences of the size range and add volume on packing density has been discussed.

The result indicated that: 1) The particle size distribution can be optimized by modifying, and it is close to the one of close packing;  2) The packing density of coal particles was well predicted with compressible packing model and it is increased by 5.977% after modifying;  3) Under the condition of close packing, the large size range is helpful for improving the packing density of the system;  4) With the increasing of modifying material, the packing density is also increasing and it is close to the packing density under close packing; 5) Just adding power, the packing efficiency is relevant with particle size composition of raw materials.

Key words: coal water slurry,size distribution,compressible model

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