281115 Modeling and Simulation: Historical Parallels Between the Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical Sectors

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 4:15 PM
Allegheny II (Westin )
Salvador García-Muñoz, Process Modeling & Engineering Technology, Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development, Groton, CT

A retrospective analysis on the technical evolution and cultural acceptance of modeling and simulation technology in the petrochemical and polymer sector is presented. Although the sophisitication of the tools difers due to the natural progression of technology, the cultural barriers and challenges observed decades ago in the petrochemical sector are not too different from those seen today in pharma. Such an analysis is presented to encourage pharmaceutical industrials to join efforts in pre-competitive areas to leverage the combined pool of modeling talent and experience for the benefit of the sector, and to work with vendors and academics to close the gap between theoretical developments and practical implementations.

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