280600 Introducing K-12 Students to the Field of Pharmaceutical Engineering

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 1:46 PM
328 (Convention Center )
Daniel Lepek, Charmian Wu and Ryan Poling-Skutvik, Department of Chemical Engineering, The Cooper Union, New York, NY

The design, development, and engineering of drugs provide chemical engineers with many opportunities and challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.  In an effort to engage the surrounding communities, New York City public high school students were introduced to the field of pharmaceutical engineering over the course of six weeks.  Through the use of lectures, teamwork activities, and laboratory experiments, students learned about the fundamentals of oral solid dosage forms, drug dissolution, and experimental design.  Examples of experiments performed include building their own “in-house” drug dissolution devices, studying the effect of impeller geometry and velocity on dissolution rates, and obtaining drug dissolution profiles for various oral solid dosage forms containing Ibuprofen using UV-Vis spectroscopy. Students were also trained in communication skills, such as writing a technical report and giving an oral presentation.  An overview of the program will be provided, as well as suggested laboratory exercises for those who might consider developing a similar K-12 outreach program centered on pharmaceutical engineering.

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