279590 Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Solid Amines in a Pressure Swing Adsorption Process

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 1:06 PM
405 (Convention Center )
Anahita Abdollahi, Armin D. Ebner and James A. Ritter, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

Solid amines are comprised of an adsorbent material, like silica gel, that contains an amine based organic compound, either physically or chemically, attached within its pores. The presence of this amine makes the silica gel almost exclusively selective to CO2. The specific solid amines being explored in this work also offer significant CO2 working capacities at relatively high temperatures, e.g., at 80 to 100 oC; and unlike zeolites they are not negatively affected by the presence of water vapor, which is typically around 10 vol% in flue gas.  Furthermore, these silica based solid amines exhibit a low working capacity for water vapor, which allows for significant water vapor to pass through the bed and exit in the light product along with most of the nitrogen. The current work has been focusing on the development of a novel solid amine based PSA cycle for CO2 capture from feeds that necessarily contain water vapor.  The results will be evaluated in terms of both CO2 removal and water vapor destination.

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