278487 Sustainability in Global Green-Economy Development - Challenges for the Energy and Process Industries

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 12:30 PM
333 (Convention Center )
Hebab A. Quazi, Strategic Sustainable Development Institute, AngelNet Energy Water & Environmental Systems, Austin, TX and Ana Guevara, AVENTI Associates, Miami Beach, FL

International Development Organizations such as The World Bank have created international "Clean Technology Fund" that are helping developing nations make greater use of Clean Energy Resources.  World Bank's mission is to eradicate global proverty and promote sustainable development.  Global climate change poses new development challenges, but opens new economic opportunities. Smart mobilization of international resources including Climate Investment are key to addressing mitigation and adaptation to the Climate Change.  World Bank's development and climate change "Strategic Framework" includes support for accelerated development and deployment of new technologies amd steping-up the policy research, knowledge, and capacity building. The Clean Technology Fund assists accelerating transformation to low-carbon economies. Special attention is focused on emissions reduction based clean energy technologies.  The paper will addres the challenges faced by and the contributions made so far by new energy and industrial technologies in  supporting sustainable global green-economy-development. The technologies includes low-carbon fuels, improved energy conversion, solar, wind, and bio-fuels.

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