278174 Environmental Performance for the Elaboration Processes for Catalysts of - Al2O3 and Silica

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 3:45 PM
327 (Convention Center )
Johana Garcia1, Gabriel Camargo2, Luisa Martin1, Lady Gaitan1, Daniel Portela3, Nikolay Agudelo Valencia1 and Juan Carlos Moreno4, (1)Environmental Engineering, Universidad Libre, Bogota, Colombia, (2)Ingenieria Mecanica, Universidad Libre, Bogota, Colombia, (3)Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Libre, Bogota , Colombia, (4)Chemistry, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota

The processes for catalyst’s preparation can be used as a tool for green engineering concepts in several courses in the engineering curriculum. In this job two catalysts   were prepared and the raw materials, utilities (water, electrical power) and waste were measured. The water used in entire processes was registered for evaluated the process impact in the waste generation. The materials balance was realized and the Green Chemistry Expert System was used for the environmental impact.

The catalysts manufactured were α - Al2O3  and Silica. In the case of alumina the raw material was aluminum shaving (recycled materials). The quantities of catalyst prepared were 1 g.  The aluminum was treated with nitric acid and ammonia. For the silica, the starting material was sodium silicate.  The raw materials were characterized by atomic absorption.  The final catalysts were analyzed by area BET, TGA, XRD, and infrared.

The processes waste waters was treated for minimizing its environmental impact

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