278047 Catalytic Filtration of Pyrolysis Vapor Via Moving Bed Granule Filter

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 8:30 AM
335 (Convention Center )
Lysle Whitmer, Center for Sustainable Environmental Technologies, Iowa State University, Boone, IA and Robert C. Brown, Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Catalytic Filtration of Pyrolysis Vapor via Moving Bed Granule Filter

Lysle Whitmer and Robert C. Brown

Center for Sustainable Environmental Technologies

Department of Mechanical Engineering          

Iowa State University

Ames Iowa – 50010 U.S.A.



The objective of this project is to simultaneously reduce the amount of particulate matter inherent in bio-oil vapors through hot gas filtration while catalytically deoxygenating the vapors to form stable bio-oil intermediates.  Current filtration techniques employed in the production of bio-oil only filter particulate down to the 5-10 micron level, leaving the very fine particles in the vapor stream.   Particulate matter is thought to catalyze the polymerization of bio-oil; a process that increases the viscosity and water content of the oil.  Additionally, the oxygen content of bio-oil contributes to a number of secondary reactions that also result in the polymerization of bio-oil. 

This work focuses on the utilization of a moving bed granule filter to remove fine particulate from a pyrolysis vapor stream using catalytically active filtration media at process temperatures reaching 500°C.  The moving bed design features adjustable catalyst residence time allowing for continuous vapor processing under stable operating conditions.  This research evaluates the effectiveness of the filter at reducing particulate content in the pyrolysis vapor stream and its ability to deoxygenate the resulting bio-oil.

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