277476 Olefins From Methane without Syngas: Heteroatom Methane Activation

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 10:30 AM
319 (Convention Center )
Eric Stangland, Inorganic Materials & Heterogeneous Catalysis, The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI

Olefins from Methane without Syngas:  Heteroatom Methane Activation

The chemical industry is built on the base feedstocks of ethylene, propylene and aromatics produced on purpose from cracking of naphtha or natural gas liquids as well as co-produced during crude refining for fuels.  The current monetization of shale gas in the US has increased ethane supply making North America competitive once again for chemical production.   However, the primary component of natural gas is not ethane, but methane, and the utilization of this methane to economically produce basic chemicals at the industrial scale is one of the holy grails of our industry.   While known technology is able to produce prime olefins through a value chain of methane partial oxidation to syngas and subsequent conversion through methanol, this many-step chemical transformation requires capital intensity that does not currently allow economic competition relative to in-ground natural gas liquids.  As part of Dow's 2015 sustainability goals, Dow Core R&D has spent considerable effort investigating alternative methane activation routes, attempting to economically convert methane-to-olefins with world-scale selectivity and capital intensity requirements in mind.   This talk will focus on methane activation with heteroatoms via chlorination, sulfonation, and amination, with special attention to the amination route including subsequent transformation to olefins.

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