274506 Managing Project Quality

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 3:15 PM
310 (Convention Center )
Eldon R. Larsen, Engineering, Marshall University Graduate College, South Charleston, WV

Many times we project managers can get so focused on time and schedule that we sometimes forget to place enough emphasis on project and product quality.  Of course we do our best to provide the customer with a quality project, but what does quality really mean and how can we make it happen?  How much do we plan for quality, rather than just try to make it happen as we move through the project?  In many if not most projects, quality cannot be placed as third priority behind cost and schedule.  This paper discusses many important aspects of good management of project quality, and some of the tools and procedures to follow throughout project management.  It includes a discussion of quality principles, customer satisfaction, precision and accuracy, reliability, control charts, metrics, quality assurance, quality control, and inspection.  Good quality processes and tools must be planned and used from the beginning of a project through the project completion.

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