274356 Multi-Scale Approaches in Systems with Nanoscale Phenomena and Novel Materials

Sunday, October 28, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Pil Seung Chung, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

During the past few decades, along with remarkable scientific and engineering achievements, the world has faced immense challenges in efficiency and system size, which motivates the investigation of novel materials and nanoscale systems. Analytic approaches have been widely studied to satisfy the demand by tuning physical properties, chemical structures, and functionalities of the new materials as a part of the eye-opening progress. The broad progress in nanotechnology provides us the understanding of nanoscale physics to control the system properties. However, advances in nano materials and analysis methods direct us to the critical issue of the interaction to meso/macroscopic scales since most systems comprise phenomena at different time and length scales, and often described via a hierarchy of scale-specific models. Consequently, the multi-scale approach based on a clear understanding of nanoscale phenomena becomes an essential multidisciplinary analysis paradigm in science and engineering fields in order to realize the new nano materials and systems. Via this approach, the mechanism of information communication can be obtained from one scale and passed to another scale allowing one to predict the system scale behavior from first principles in a bottom-up approach. The device scale properties, nonetheless, can be obtained with nanoscale resolution using the top-down approach.

My research interest covers the broad area of both theoretical and experimental multi-scale approaches in novel materials and nanoscale phenomena including tribology, energy, and nano electronics applications by using novel atomistic/molecular and mesoscale/continuum theory and developing methodologies for hierarchical integration of the systems at the different scales, which will be expanded to multi-phenomena/physics related issues. The device scale properties will be coupled with optimization for the process system integration. I also intend to perform experiment and will vigorously collaborate with experimentalist to complement the full-scale simulation. In this poster session, I will introduce and discuss the details of my research plan.

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