271813 Adsorption Properties of Functionalized PFA-Derived Carbons

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Ali Qajar1, Maryam Peer2 and Henry C. Foley2, (1)Chemical Engineering, PennState University, State College, PA, (2)Chemical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Pristine and activated PFA-derived carbons are functionalized by using nitric acid under reflux. The activated carbons are made by CO2 activation at 900 °C up to 90% weight loss. Adsorption properties of the samples are studied by high and low pressure adsorption measurements at room temperature. Functionalization of the carbons shows dramatic change in the behavior of the carbons. High pressure adsorption data are collected on a differential pressure volumetric adsorption apparatus up to 6 bar for ammonia and 20 bar for CO2. Low pressure data are collected on a gravimetric adsorption system in the range of several torr to 760 torr. Along with the PFA-derived carbons, commercial carbons are also functionalized with the same procedure. Comparison shows that the activated PFA-derived carbon is a great host for functional groups. Adsorption dynamics and uptake of ammonia improved to the extent that it hits the best reported ammonia adsorption by COF-10 at room temperature.

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